Hello and welcome to Perfect Balance Reflexology & Reiki.

My name is Shelley and I offer Reflexology and Reiki in Bristol.

Shelley Jones Perfect Balance Reflexology & Reiki

I have beautiful treatment rooms in Clifton and Upper Knowle, or if you prefer to be treated at your home, this can be arranged by appointment so please do give me a call.

I work in an integrated way, addressing all aspects of your being. During my 17 years in practice, my work has evolved to include skills and techniques that work on the ‘nuts & bolts’ of our physical bodies as well as the most subtle energetic parts of our emotional and spiritual selves.

My therapies can support you to restore your natural balance and to find new and positive ways to live in wellbeing with renewed clarity, vigour and harmony. If you are struggling to cope – physically, mentally or spiritually – you may find these modalities of great support.

Please enjoy browsing through my website, where more information on Perfect Balance Reflexology & Reiki can be found.

You are welcome to contact me for an initial chat and more information, without obligation, and take a step towards finding your balance today.