About me

Shelley Jones CRM5, MAR, Dip. Ac.
Reflexology Mastership at Level 5 (Centralia)
Reiki Master Healer & Teacher

My background and working approach

I started my practitioner life as a qualified acupuncturist of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 2000 and worked in centres and GP surgeries for several years before stopping to have a family. When I returned to work, my interest had shifted to using my hands more directly and intuitively and I also began a lifelong interest in mindfulness, meditation and self development.

Today, my approach is holistic and integrates Reflexology, Reiki and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My practise has evolved over the years, to include a wide range of skills, both intuitive and highly practical, to enable people to move past physical or emotional blocks that limit their potential to live well. We work together, finding the balance of treatment that best suits to you your needs.

My TCM skills are very much alive today, although I no longer use needles in my sessions. My Reflexology sessions include using a wide range of acupressure points, which balance the qi (energy) in the acupuncture meridians that run throughout the body. I also take a detailed TCM diagnosis of my client’s health, by assessing their pulses and the tongue. This is exceedingly helpful in telling me which organs and systems of the body are under particular strain.

My journey with intuitive healing began with Reiki in 2007 and has widened to include several modalities in healing, namely sound healing, breath and body work, meditation and mindfulness. In addition to your treatment session, I offer a fantastic range of simple, practical techniques for you to do at home and which are designed to encourage more peacefulness and balance in your life. My clients have reported these to be particularly helpful in supporting their treatments.

My Reflexology training took place in Birmingham with the highly acclaimed trainer, Alison Walker. Alison herself studied with one of the founding members of the modern Reflexology community, Mr Dwight Byers and I feel privileged to have received her considerable experience and expertise.

I take regular post graduate training and I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists. I am also fully ensured.

My Training

  • Centralia Reflexology Mastership, Level 5 (CRM5)
  • Member of the Association of Reflexology (MAR)
  • Diploma in Acupuncture (UK & China)
  • Reiki Practitioner and Teacher
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Vertical Reflexology Technique (VRT)
  • Certificate in Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture

Other training

Healing Trust CPD courses include Advanced Practice in Healing, Deeper Understanding of the Chakras, Core Energy Management and Space Clearing. In addition, Healing Voice workshops with Jill Purce and a course in Advanced Skills in Healing at the Penny Brohn Centre, Pill.