What My Clients Say

“Wow. I don’t remember when I ever felt so relaxed and calm. Thank you Shelley, for an amazing reiki treatment.” Sarah, Fishponds, Bristol

“Caring for my Mum for many years had taken its toll on my physical and emotional well being. I had suffered anxiety, stress, fatigue and feeling low in myself as well as having a whole range of menopause symptoms for a long time. I had no idea what Reiki was and at first I was reluctant as I had tried alternative treatments before. But Shelley was great. After my first experience of Reiki I was so grateful that I had got the opportunity to try it. I felt a sense of calm and felt super chilled out, she made me feel relaxed and comfortable in myself. Several days later I still had NEW energy again – no tension, no stress. Shelley also taught me to do special breathing, to use in difficult situations. I feel I have started to live again after 40 years – no pain killers, no tablets and I am able to enjoy life again. Shelley is gifted and I highly recommend her. In fact Reiki should be on the National Health! Thank you Shelley.” Z.S. Stoke Bishop, Bristol

“I was recommended to Shelley and her range of therapies over 8 years ago and I have been a client of hers ever since. I have both Reiki and Reflexology treatments and sometimes Shelley also combines the two in one session, although I have to confess to be a huge fan of the latter! I can’t recommend Shelley highly enough…her treatments are tailor made to treat a range of health issues and I have benefitted hugely from Shelley’s bespoke approach to her therapies. Equally, I find Shelley’s sessions offer the perfect opportunity to take time out from a busy week and simply relax and totally chill for an hour. I would be hard pushed to find a therapist who is so person centred in her approach and who, incidentally, is so competitively priced.”

“Shelley is a marvel. Her treatments help me deal with the aches and pains of being a busy working Mum. I have an hour to focus on myself to feel more centred. She is also lovely company!” Kelly, Bristol

“I have Reiki and Reflexology to help with work related stress and I have found it to be so beneficial! I would highly recommend a visit to Shelley.” Kate, Bristol

“I was recommended to Shelley by a friend. Running three companies had left me feeling highly stressed and unable to relax or sleep well. Shelley’s treatments helped hugely and I was able to unwind and enjoy life again.” Mike, Bristol