When optimum conditions exist, our life force energy flows within us unimpeded and harmoniously and we enjoy vibrant health. Illness only occurs when balance is lost. Reiki is a traditional Japanese natural healing system that strengthens and encourages this natural flow of balanced energy. Consequently it is highly beneficial as a healing modality, since balance and harmony implies health and wellbeing.

In practical terms, Reiki brings profound relaxation and a sense of deep peace. Physical and mental tension is gently dispersed, painful conditions are eased and the energetic blocks that may cause dis-ease are cleared away.

How Reiki Works

Reiki is gaining recognition as a valuable and authentic healing system.

A Reiki practitioner places their hands gently on or near the recipient’s clothed body and allows a gentle flow of energy to begin. During your Reiki session you will feel a deep warm glow of energy throughout the body. The warmth is deeply penetrating and yet extremely light, loving and supportive. Some clients become so relaxed that they fall asleep whilst others simply enjoy the profound sense of relaxation.

Reiki practitioners cannot diagnose medical conditions and they do not claim to treat specific medical illnesses. Rather, Reiki simply encourages the flow of natural balance and harmony in body and mind and It is This return to balance that increases feelings of well being in recipients and may support the body to heal naturally.

Reiki is a simple and elegant natural healing practice. It is a beautiful and humbling experience for both giver and receiver and every single time I treat someone with Reiki, I feel privileged to be part of this wonderful healing system.

Who has Reiki?

Reiki is suitable for everyone. It is a very gentle and non-invasive treatment and is perfectly suitable to receive alongside conventional medical treatment. Reiki is increasingly seen in hospitals and hospices as a support to conventional medicine.

Personally, I have found Reiki to be of great help to all those who are suffering any kind of emotional distress. In addition, I have personally treated people who have come to me with such varying symptoms as inflamed tendons, chronic grief or other emotional blocks, muscle pain, low energy, digestive issues and sleep problems… the list is varied and highly individual.

If you would like to hear what some of my clients have to say about Reiki, please take a look at my Feedback page.

Your Reiki Session

Reiki recipients remain fully clothed and covered with a blanket whilst the practitioner applies extremely light touch to the body, usually starting at the head and finishing at the feet. I would like to reassure my clients that in no way is this process ever personally intrusive.

Recipients feel a deep, warm glow of natural healing energy throughout the body during the session. A tranquil sense of calm pervades and some clients also report seeing beautiful colours or simply feeling cherished and supported. Every client is different but clients often comment that this sense of ease lasts for several days after the session has ended.

It is perfectly acceptable to enjoy Reiki for pure relaxation and enjoyment. For those people who need more emotional or physical support, a course of Reiki is preferable. This will vary between clients, but I suggest an initial four sessions. As with all complementary therapies, regular sessions are encouraged for long term benefits. A monthly session of Reiki is lovely if you can manage it, but everyone is difference and these options are entirely your choice.