Your Reiki Session

Reiki recipients remain fully clothed and covered with a blanket whilst the practitioner applies extremely light touch to the body, usually starting at the head and finishing at the feet. I would like to reassure my clients that in no way is this process ever personally intrusive.

Recipients feel a deep, warm glow of natural healing energy throughout the body during the session. A tranquil sense of calm pervades and some clients also report seeing beautiful colours or simply feeling cherished and supported. Every client is different but clients often comment that this sense of ease lasts for several days after the session has ended.

It is perfectly acceptable to enjoy Reiki for pure relaxation and enjoyment. For those people who need more emotional or physical support, a course of Reiki is preferable. This will vary between clients, but I suggest an initial four sessions. As with all complementary therapies, regular sessions are encouraged for long term benefits. A monthly session of Reiki is lovely if you can manage it, but everyone is difference and these options are entirely your choice.